Woven with stories, critical questions, and a down-to-earth approach to process, the Mindful Consuming podcast intends to encourage us all to dive deeper as we more fully recognize our impacts as consumers. Hosted by Ruth True, these conversations will feature community members and businesses of all backgrounds in hopes of shedding light on our varied journeys and the roles we can all play in building our collective mindfulness. The MC series exists to strengthen our resolve, positively nudge us in the right direction, and be a support to a growing community of conscious consumers. We look forward to engaging with you, learning together, peeling back the layers to see where we are, and identifying where we need to go next.

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Episode 11: Sister Love feat. Molly Van Nostrand
Most of my few podcasts start with a pretty standard bio so you can get to know my guest. This one is different. This is my sister. While she’s owned a frame shop and a printing store and worked for many large and small companies, her relevant bio here is kicking my ass growing up!  Yes, the big sister… smarter, taller, prettier, funnier… until these silly er’s meant nothing.  For most of our life, she’s been the supportive, banter-loving side kick I could not imagine living without.  Molly is also the amazing mother of my ass-kicking nieces Jenny and Hannah (although Hannah has yet to listen to one of the podcasts because it’s my voice…hmmmm).  I wanted to do a family recording to give you some insight into our impacts as family members… and have some fun while doing it with Negronis in hand.  As a bonus, my lovely niece Jenny was able to pop in to add her perspective on family dynamics and how she navigates decisions that support her values.  Cheers!
Episode 10: Matt Dillon
Matt Dillon is a farmer, timber framer, chef and former restaurant owner living with his family and working on a small island in the Puget Sound southwest of Seattle, WA.  He opened his first restaurant, Sitka & Spruce in 2006, and followed it with The Corson Building, Bar Ferdinand, Bar Sajor, The London Plane and Copal.  Matt has been nominated multiple times by the James Beard Foundation, winning for Best Chef NW in 2012.  In addition, he raises animals and vegetables on his terrestrial farm property, The Old Chaser Farm, as well as shellfish on his aquatic farm “Little Otter” on Colvos Passage, Vashon Island.
Episode 9: Seth Grizzle
Seth Grizzle is an architect turned furniture and lighting designer and conceptual artist. His award-winning conceptual design studio, graypants, creates products, architecture, and custom installations, among other things, working in various mediums as well as discarded/reclaimed materials.
Episode 8: Crystal C. Hall
Crystal C. Hall is an associate professor of public policy and governance and adjunct associate professor of psychology at the University of Washington.  Her research pursues the integration of psychology into the design and implementation of social policy.
Episode 7: Dominic Muren
Dominic Muren is founder and principal of The Humblefactory, a design laboratory in Seattle, Washington which develops tools and technologies that increase the capabilities of Makers around the world.
Episode 6: Joe Whinney
Joe Whinney, the Founder and former CEO of Theo Chocolate (North America’s first organic and fair-trade chocolate maker), joins this episode to share his story and how his passion for building ethical business began.
Episode 5: Michael Bennett
Seahawks legend, social activist, and aspiring architecture graduate Michael Bennett (@mosesbread72) graciously takes time out of his busy finals week for this episode.
Episode 4: C.J. Emmons & Jeff Miller
Los Angeles musician friends @cj_emmons and @jeffmillerla visit Vashon for an island getaway to connect and chat about their evolving views of consumption.
Episode 3: Leslie Mackie
Leslie Mackie, founder of @macrinabakery, joins to talk about her entrepreneurial journey over the last 30 years.
Episode 2: Music Consumption Feat. Lauren McShane & Dave Dederer
For this episode, Lauren McShane (Portland Cello Project) and Dave Dederer (Presidents of the United States of America) — musicians from different backgrounds and eras — join to discuss their thoughts on modern music consumption.
Episode 1 with Margo Tantau
Ruth starts her new podcast series by sitting down to chat with her friend and fellow Vashon Island resident Margo Tantau of Tantau Studio and the lovely @windowsillchats podcast.
Episode 0: Introduction to Mindful Consuming